Import External Data--> Import Data And select iqy file and rest steps are same as Excel 2007. Right click context menus are: Once data is downloaded in excel you can manipulate or refer to other work sheet. After the export operation has completed you can open the generated file (in my case Margins.iqy) in Excel. I save as Stock.iqy and my file look like. Please visit to my, s=["stock1","Please enter a stock symbol:"]. However, no matter what I try, this doesn't work. Count how many times your program repeats, I'm baffled at this expression: "If I don't talk to you beforehand, then......", Using a filtered index when setting a variable. I just saved one of those files to my drive and cracked it … I've read every how-to on web queries, and I'm following them exactly. Press 'Properties' to decide how you want the parameter to be set. First let's run this worksheet through a regular IQY export (you can use either Plus or Viewer, doesn't really matter). The issue there is that the web service chokes when there is a dates variable, but no data. Options dialog as below: Here you can select formatting styles and other options. In the report footer, click the “Export to Excel Web Query” icon. You can edit web query parameter as below Parameters dialogue box will open here you can change text, parameter location. 4. The report will download as an .iqy file. A really useful new feature was added to Get & Transform (the functionality previously known as Power Query) in the latest updates for the Office 365 click-to-run version of Excel 2016: the ability to export and import ODC files containing M queries. in Monk? If you do not see this icon, click “Customize”, then “Allow Web Query” in the “More Options” tab, then “Save”. A string that indicates the name of the file to be saved. Contains a URL and other parameters for making a query over the Internet; allows information to be retrieved from an .ASP Web page and imported into Microsoft Excel; saved in the \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Queries directory by default. Great - data is returned based on the parameters. You can edit web query parameter as below. You can include a full path; if you don't, Microsoft Excel saves the file in the current folder. excel powerquery replacevalues based on cell, VBA: Web scraping with